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I have 285,000 miles on my great 2500HD and it is ready to go another round. The power steering is giving me a hard time.

I have replaced the gear, hydroboost, pump and hoses. I have a growlling noise from the power steering pump when i turn or when i brake. I have bled and flushed and used O-Reillies PSF and now replaced with Prestone PSF.

I have actually replaced the gear three times and the pump three times trying to fix this growling. Each time the remanufactured Cardone gear exibits different problems. I bought a gear from another rebuilder and now it works like new. But for the growl.

I am going to try and determine if there may be a blockage in the cooler.

If that doesn't work, i guess i'll replace the pump again. I will use the good rebulder this time if it do.

Does anybody else have and experience with solving this annoying problem?



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