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now check engine lights on

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well now my check engine light is on as well as my bed liner looking like shit. driving home from the gym and i noticed my truck was shaking when at a stop, and then it rattled pretty bad and the check engine light came on. driving the other two blocks to my house i noticed it isn't going into v4 mode now also. 2200 miles on it at the moment so i know it's under warrenty but this is a brand new truck i don't want to even have to have people patching shit up on it at this point. man i'm ****ing pissed

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Yeah they took care if it. Something that's been eating at me is my truck had 600 miles on it when I bought it, I shouldn't have excepted it. I had already payed the transfer fee to get it and kinda downplayed it at the time to myself because I wanted the truck. I'm assuming one of the sales people were driving it back and forth to work or something untill they sold it. Is there anyway to search and see if someone bought it and had to return t because there finances fell through or something.

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If it had been registered/titled before, then returned, it would have been sold as a used vehicle, right?


In most states, if a title application/registration was applied for, then the vehicle in question becomes a used one and should not be sold as new.


The issue though, is that there is many reasons why a vehicle with high mileage can still be sold as "new" when it has yet to be registered the first time. Some of these reasons can include people who buy vehicle and literally drive off and turn around for whatever reason and do not want it. This can be mechanical issues or just petty preference issues with the new buyer and the vehicle goes back into the lot and advertised as new.


Also many times, local dealers are provided or themselves provide and had returned, vehicles lent for special promotion events like sporting events (golf tournaments are a big one) and driven for the duration of the event and then returned. These are suppose to be advertised as "demos" but many times that gets lost to the end buyer who still thinks they are getting "new" but not a true new.

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That happened to me when I bought a Sea-Doo a few years ago. When I caught them in the act the dealership bent over backwards to take care of it. I got a bunch of free stuff and a brand new boat so I was happy in the end. However it taught me to check EVERYTHING when buying a new vehicle.

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