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2011 2500HD Alternator issues while plowing

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I plow about a 2 mile stretch of road out to my cabin and have noticed this year my voltage has been dropping down to lower mark and defroster cuts out to nothing. After stopping the truck and sitting for a moment, belt will screech and voltage will go back to normal. Lifted the hood and saw some snow accumulating around the alternator.


Anyone else having similiar issues ? I have had the truck / plow for 3 years and it has never been this bad. I would get a little belt squeal but never had to stop. I had to stop 3-4 times in order to see where I was going.


Also when finished plowing, truck will not shift back into to 2 high unless I shut truck down and restart.


Truck is a 2011 2500HD 6.0 gas with Boss power VXT plow. The plow has the snow deflector



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I would wonder if the wire between the alternator and battery is bad or not making a good connection somewhere...maybe look at the bolts holding the main mega fuse down and anywhere the tapped into the battery system for accessories and the plow?


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My 07 GMC 2500 gasser did exactly the same things. I dug into it a little, and was told the alternator is controlled by the computer,not by draw. That was GM's explaination for the varied voltage readings. The 4X4 not responding was a nuisiance, but always worked after a restart.

Neither of these issues got worse, or caused me issues, other than the lack of confidence at 3am plowing.

I have a 13 silverado 2500 now. It still has belt squeel occasionally. The alternator shows more charging, but still drains like the old one.

I have a western plow this time around, VS my old boss, no changes.

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Hey sagent,


I can understand why you would be concerned by this. Were you going to take care of this concern on your own or with your local dealership? If you decide to take it in, I'd be happy to follow up with you and your dealership!


Send me a PM if you would like my assistance,


Jonathan A.
GM Customer Care

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