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power window switch illumination


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I'm looking into changing the bulbs/LED's, whatever the case may be, in the power window controls at each door. I was curious if anyone had removed their controls before I begin. Since I have a '14 GMC, I would like for the light to be red like some of the other lights on the dash, to continue the red theme. The wife's '13 Terrain has red backlit switches, and it is possible they could be using a similar type light. (I'm really surprised these were not red from the beginning!) We have owned a Trailblazer in the past, and had a few burn out. In that case, they were a neo-wedge type T-1 1/4 bulb that used a twist-lock base to fasten to the circuit board.


Those look like this: http://www.jkllamps.com/files/DNW1%20MULTI%20LISTING2.pdf


Pretty neat, it just requires you to do some careful disassembly, nothing to solder....


Since I have not been able to find anything on this subject yet, if anybody has any info on this or knows where it can be found, let me know! Thanks!


P.S. The Terrain also has the dim overhead light that shines on the console, like the trucks, but it is also red. It would be nice if that light is a part number that would work in the truck. If not the same connector, there should only be two wires, and not hard to make work. Something else to look into....

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The switches that I have disassembled on my '13 use a separate flexible blue filter over the bulb to make the switches backlit that color. My wife's G6 uses very similar switches that are red backlit. I would imagine the only difference is that filter.

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I cant offer you any tech advice but will say this... that would be cool if you did it.. I love the red in my wifes terrain, reminds me of my old pontiac firebirds.. glad they kept the red in something
good luck!

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