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Used AutoCal

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I recently purchased a used AutoCal from a member and of course I have a few questions.


I downloaded and installed the latest version of EFILive Scan and Tune / Explorer (V8), do I also need to install V7.5?


Current firmware 2.07.52, bootblock 2.07.06


With AutoCal plugged into my desktop, open EFILive Explorer, properties tab, shows 6.2 mb of space (empty) do I still need to "Format Data" to reformat the AutoCal?


Lastly, can I use the AutoCal to datalog / DTC without a VIN specific license for my current vehicle?


I did go to BBP.com and download the appropriate controller file (E78 / T43) and upload it to the AutoCal.


Thanks in advance


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AFAIK you just need the latest software on the site. That's what I did with my '13... Just get the latest firmware and software and you should be good.


t's not going to hurt formatting it, as long as you format the correct folder. I can;t remember which one it is off the top of my head, but the instructions tell you. If 6 mb is free, it should be empty.. Thats all it has (which is brutal)


I don;t think you need the licence until you actually start flashing things.


Dont take my word for it, but I'd just try doing the data log and see what happens. Been a while since I used mine, so my memory is foggy. If I remember correctly, I didnt need the VIN licence till I actually started flashing.

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Yes, you can datalog and scan your stock tunes without having a license for the vehicle.


Update of my progression.....


I went ahead and performed the "Reformat"


Updated Firmware (2.07.52), Bootblock (2.07.06)


Imported Config files for my vehicle controllers (E78 / T43) to EFILive Tune / Scan


Attempted data log, "Record Data" > "OK" > "ECM APCYL_M"

I could not locate my controllers on the AutoCal???


However, I was able to "Read 1 E78, Read 2 T43, save it and transfer using EFILive Explorer.

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Looks like Justin got you taken care of.

Yes he did!


Sent me an updated Config. file and it worked perfect.


I have not purchased a thing from you guys to this point, yet have received amazing support and feedback.


Looking forward to getting my tune :ughdance:


Thanks again


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Got everything sorted out with my used AutoCal thanks to Justin and Jenna.


Currently running a 87-89 tune (using 89 octane). The driveability, throttle response and shifting has improved nicely.


I'll burn a few tanks see what kind of MPG's I can get. Then try the 91+ tune see what happens.


Can't say enough about BBP and their staff, top notch!

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