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2015 Silverado cc water on passenger side floor after rain storm.

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I purchased this truck a month ago and has not been the best experience starting with the dealer the truck came from must have had a midget clean the snow off the roof with the snow rake leaving 15 yes 15 dents in the roof. Next off today went to vacuume out the truck and saw a puddle of water on the pass side against the kick panel. I took off all the trim and pulled back the carpet to reveal sm puddles under the carpet and insulation and the foam piece under the glove box. I am beside myself right now. This truck was $48,500 and this is what I get. It has just over 1k miles and have owned it for a month. This is my 7 th new Gm and will probably be my last.. Going to the dealer tomorrow can't wait to see what they say.

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This might sound odd. I had something similar happen to my 08 Envoy. Luckily it was still under warranty. I never fully understood the explanation, but they told me a tube that channels water to the outside of the car had become kinked. In my case the source of the water came from the glove box area. (I am almost certain it had not come from the headliner) As a result, water was backing up in to the passenger compartment. I had a much larger water spot and it was more inboard; away from the sill plate. I am not even sure if our trucks have the same 'plumbing'

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In vehicles with sunroofs, there are drain tubes that pass down the A pillars and B pillars to drain water away to the ground. If these become plugged for any reason, the water will back up in the drain tube and end up running down from the headliner area. Maybe that's what had happened to you?

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How about the antenna wire? It passes through the firewall almost directly above the passenger side kick panel. If I remember correctly you can see where the wire passes through the firewall but you need to remove the glove box, top dash piece up against the windshield or the panel that is outboard of the glovebox. I think I can remember seeing it when I had mine apart, whether or not you can physically get to it easily is another question....

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So here's a update. Under ther cowl there is a water diverter piece. Well on all the welds on the truck they use seem sealer. On the weld by this piece the seem sealer was put on and a extra piece remained as the robot or human that applies the seem sealer and stopped the application extra leaked out and was left on the cowl where the water diverter lays flush. Well because of the extra sealer under the water diverter it was not flush and the water ran under the diverter and down the firewall and in though where the wiring harness is on the passanger side. The had to move the fender out of the way to repair it correctly. The removed the extra sealer and made the water diverter flush then sealed the water diverter and re assembled what they removed. No more leaks and they dries out the carpet and insulation stuff and I get to pick it up tomorrow. We shall see how they did when I inspect it tomorrow. Thanks for the replies.

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