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Installed New Parking Brake Pedal - Pedal Locked??

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Hi All,


I'm working on an '02 Sierra Z71 Ext Cab.


Last night I installed a new parking brake assembly under the dash to replace the old one with a broken cable. There was a pin in the assembly that I assumed was meant to keep things in position during shipping and installation.


Installation went ok and after I completed it, i pulled the pin. When I went to test out my work I found that the pedal is completely locked. I can practically stand on it with absolutely no motion. There is no play in any direction.


I feel like I'm missing something in the installation process. Is there something that I've done to lock it, or something that i need to do to unlock it?


Any help is appreciated.



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Quick update after working on it a bit again last night:


After a bit of pulling and pushing on the pedal (virtually no movement), it suddenly started moving. The auto adjust worked well, and I've got better grab on my parking brake than I've ever had.


It looks like one of the wires from my plow harness got jammed in the gears. When I was buttoning up the panels, I noticed a cut wire.


Just wanted to post the result for someone in the future!

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