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Gasoline Smell After Start

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Sunday afternoon, 95 degrees, 75F dewpoint, blazing sun. Had driven my '14 5.3L for about a half hour -- everything normal. Transmission fully up to temperature; A/C working like a champ. Gas tank about 1/2. Got to the destination and parked on a slight downgrade, maybe around 10 degrees slope, with the street crowned maybe another 10 degrees. It was enough of a slope down and to the right that it involved a little effort getting out of the driver's side. Otherwise, nothing unusual.


However, about an hour later, still as hot outside, I remote-started the engine to give the A/C a chance to cool off the inside. Started right up, normally. Less than a minute after starting, I walked around the front end and smelled a pronounced gasoline odor. Nothing visible underneath except water from the evaporator, but the smell was strong enough that I sort of expected to see a small pool. Quick look under the hood revealed nothing suspicious either.


And that was all there was to it. Nothing else out of the ordinary happened, and the gas smell didn't recur, even after a similar hot trip back home. Haven't smelled anything before or since.


Knowing the little I know about the fuel system on these vehicles, I can't offhand think of any reason why fuel should be venting to the atmosphere, but maybe there's a reason when it heat-soaks under unusually warm conditions. Needless to say, I don't think gas ought to be leaking from anything under any conditions. It's making me a little concerned.


Any ideas?

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Talk to the dealer / service department. I had an issue with a Ford where you would get a strong smell of fuel inside the cabin of the car seemingly randomly. Turned out that there was a recall or TSB on the fuel rail to replace the fittings where it transitioned from the fuel line to the rail in the engine bay as they could leak.

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