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Roof leak fixed and GM/ dealership response

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That's exactly what I did. Silicone sealer around the XM antenna. When it sat with 4 inches of snow and ice on the roof, a few drops came thru. Dealer said he will replace the XM antenna gasket, no problem. I just didn't want the service dept to drop the headliner. Since I sealed it about three months ago nothing has came thru, knock on wood. Had more snow and ice on it and took it thru multiple car washes and nothing. 

Yeah same here don’t want the dealer to drop liner... I’m lucky to have it garage stored and seasonally stored in the winter, as soon as insurance is back in it I want to drop it my self and seal everything up with silicone, already did the brake light, have been through several car washes and haven’t noticed anything... maybe I’m just paranoid

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laptop died, sorry for not getting back..

Anyway, it wasn't leaking from the antenna, it was the back window.  The seal was crappy and not a solid bead all around.  The dealer pulled the window, cleaned it and the frame.  I'm told they had a white page on this problem already.  Used a hard sealer and seems to be holding.  Thanks for all the input, I'll be keeping an eye on the xm antenna though, sounds like it has issues of its own.

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The 2019 Yukon was finally returned from the local dealership to Carmax, where I purchased it yesterday.


In the service notes from the GM dealership, it said that they ran the vehicle through a carwash and found a section of the windshield on the top passenger side that was missing sealant.  A glass company was called out to "reseal" the windshield.  It doesn't mention that it was replaced so I am not really sure what the process was.  The Carmax salesmen said it "triggered" a corporate investigation by GM since they "may need to issue a recall."  I would take that with a grain of salt personally, but perhaps it was a manufacturing defect.  I don't really know, I just hope the leak is sealed for eternity.  Definitely somewhat of an odd situation.  I don't recall what the brand of the windshield was when I initially test drove two weeks ago, but yesterday I did confirm that the windshield was in fact labeled as a GM product.


This 2019 Yukon in particular has 34,000 miles on it and was manufactured in September of 2018.  It was also a Hertz rental.  Otherwise it is in very good condition as far as I can tell.  Put about 65 miles on it yesterday to give it a thorough test now that it is in my possession.  The only negative was some french fries and peanuts that I found near the hinges on the floor beneath the third row seats.  Let's just say that there were probably children back there eating during a road trip.  Nasty.

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On 2/22/2017 at 6:48 AM, Jeff Penn said:

I was more after the principle of the matter that a brand new truck should not be leaking. I didn't want to have an issue down the road of a wiring harness or something not working because it had had water in it at some point.

You created your own problems by insisting that all those parts be replaced.  The more invasive the repair the more residual issues you are likely to have.

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I have a 14 Silverado and I’m getting water pooling on the driver side floor mat. Thankfully I have weather tech mats so it never reaches my carpet. But, it is coming from up under the dash. It’s a very slow drip but I can’t quite find what the cause is. My headliner has never been wet, I’ve blown out the sunroof drains and I’ve also taken my pillar off while raining heavily and no water running down it. That basically rules out my antenna as the problem. So i have no idea what this problem could be. Any help? 

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