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pulling power of GAS 6.0 2500hd --- not impressed

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Well, none of the 2500's with 6.0 have 8 speed transmissions.  The 6L90 is the trans. In fact, even the new 6.6 gasser in the 2500 only has a 6 speed, albeit a beefed up version of the 6L90.


Even then, it does sound like your's has some issue going on.  I have no problem yanking trailers around with my 2015 2500 6.0.  It pushes snow like it isn't even doing any work. Heck, my wife used it to pull my 20,000 lb Freightliner Class 8 semi truck tractor that was buried in the spring mud on our rural gravel road last spring.  She had to pull me 2 miles thru that muck, up and down hills, to the nearest hard surface road.  Pickup acted like it was an average day out in the country.  Wish I would have had a friend take video of that when it happened.  I was just trying to keep the semi tractor on the road and the wife was white knuckled doing the pulling in the pickup.  The semi was sliding around on that stuff, but the pickup tracked real well.  Has BFG KO2 tires on it.  


I'll keep mine.

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I have the same problem. I bought a 15 3500 hd gmc with the 6.0. I “upgraded” from a 2010 ram 1500 5.7 (390 hp btw) with 3.54s. This truck is a dog compared to the ram. Have a 20ft car trailer and it knows it’s back there even empty compared to how that truck pulled it. I’ve even had a 9200 cab and chassis on the trailer and the ram had pulled it like nothing. Very disappointed in this gm, is there anything I can do to help power wise that actually works? Or do I just have to get used to being underpowered or buy a 2500 ram?

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A good tune helps those trucks. I do my own tuning so I'm not sure what would be the best for a handheld flash tuner for those year gas trucks.


Yes the GMC has less power and it weighs a lot more than your old half ton truck. That's why it feels slower, it's got a lot more to move. The heavy duty trucks are pretty much there to take the abuse day in and day out and not get worn out like the half ton would.

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