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BDS Coil Over 2-3" kit installed on 2500HD

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I just had the BDS kit installed over the weekend and I thought the HD crew may be interested in seeing it.


Today was the first day with some seat time and I have to say this is kit is really nice. I replaced the Cognito stage 3 kit that I had before. My only complaint with the stage 3 kit was that the ride was rough with the truck leveled and the UCAs were almost on the frame stops. That and the fact that the UCAs wore out quickly on my truck for some reason.


The CO kit has a much more plush ride at the same height and looks to have more suspension travel too because there is about 3/4-1" between the UCAs and frame stops.


I'll get a few more pictures later today or tomorrow with more detail. Here's a picture of the driver's side for now.


I running the same Goodyear tires I had with the Cognito kit. 285/60/20, but will probably go with Nitto ridge grapler 295/60/20 next.





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Thanks guys. I also installed the 2.5 piggyback rears and they were an improvement over the 2.0s but nothing like the change in the front.


I think the only way to really improve the back would be to remove my airbags (I only run them at 5lbs unloaded) and swap to a softer spring but this would suck when towing my 15k trailer.


I guess that's the trade off if you still want to actually use the truck as a 3/4 ton.



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Love your truck!!! I'm sold on this lift!!! I want to use 17 or 18's. Is the ride much softer than stock, or about the same as stock?

Sorry for the late reply. The ride is stiffer than the stock marshmallow but nothing compared to cranked torsion. The freeway expansion joints on LA freeways aren't noticeable anymore. It also feels like the suspension moves more which creates a better ride too.
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What's the biggest difference between the rear 2.0 Fox shock and the 2.5 reservoir shock, regarding ride quality?



Probably not much in ride quality empty, but the 2.5s seem to have better control loaded or towing.

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