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Extended Cab Short Box (Pic Request)

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So there was a discussion on choosing between DC and CC trucks in the K2XX forum and someone posted a pic of a truck that I've never noticed before, which was an Extended Cab with a Short Box (5' 6ish"). It was a GMT-900, but I've also seen a GMT-800 truck in that configuration online. A friend's brother-in-law has a GMT-900 Silverado with the EC and a long box, which I keep forgetting to take a picture of when I see it.


The current 1500 K2XX Double Cab trucks don't have any bed options other than the standard box. You can get a K2XX DC with a long box, but you would have to move up to a 2500 to get that configuration.


I found it interesting that in the GMT-900 models, the General offered the light-duty Extended Cab trucks with all three different box lengths. I understand the long box, but the short box extended cab is definitely an intriguing configuration and I wonder how many were produced. Personally, I love way the Reg Cab standard box trucks look and I'm kinda digging this Extended Cab short box look too. It's definitely unique.


Anyone out there with a GMT-800 or GMT-900 Extended Cab short box truck willing to share some photos of your ride? I've done a Google search and there's a few floating around, but I'm just wondering if anyone is willing to share some new pictures of their own ride.



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I didn't know this configuration existed until now. I'm quite certain I've never seen one. Would love to have more pics posted here. I'm intrigued.

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Short box on a 2002 model ext can is 6’5”...long box was only other option.


Personally I think the new short box (5’ whatever) belongs on a avalanche or Colorado.  Bed should never be shorter then 6’

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