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A Class Action suit has been filed for 2015-2017 Sierra/Silverado A/C failures. My A/C condensor failed at 80,000 miles due to a broken seal leading to a $850 repair. I contacted GM and was denied reimbursement because "it was not repaired at a GM service center". I turned it over to the Ohio Attorney General's office and was denied by GM because "it is out of warranty". A GM service tech informed me that the failures are due to a faulty manufactured A/C condensor. The same tech also told me that GM will not recall the part since it is "not a safety issue" although they are well aware of the failures. I've been a GM customer for almost 50 years but unfortunately they are not the company they once were. My last GM has been purchased.

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There are SIX federal class actions currently on those years trucks i posted in thread 'You are a party to this lawsuit'.


Ohio AG aint touchin GM even though a factory was canned in Ohio. More pain comes.


1/4th of all military hospitals getting shut down in 12 months. And a bunch more bad stuff being hush hushed. Read the article on military times

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Please don't take this wrong way. But you need to request the full history of engine codes. And all printed and logged service reports. I see 90% of the times the service employee types the invoice up in a way that works in the favor of dealer and gm. Then when it gets to this point all the customer has is he said she said. And hear say isn't proof. 

This are expensive vehicles and the service record is like your trucks credit score or criminal record. Once it is in there it will never go away. 

Even it you contact gm main service rep he is going to ask for that report. 

My dealer knows me well and writes it up as warrant inspection then says if it is something you have or did we will not add that in report so gm doesn't see the turbo or the programming. I say it doesn't matter I still get warranty but thanknyou and this way it is better so ok. 

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