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4l80e pan drop, trans mount swap, fluid and filter

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Hey guys, looking to drop the trans pan on my 2000 k3500. It's got the 4l80e.


Some videos show removing the shift bracket, it sure doesn't look like I need to. I will have to unbolt the trans from the cross-member and jack it up to get the rear few trans pan bolts it appears. I bought a new trans bushing/mount anyway. The bushing looks good, but I've slowly been reconditioning this truck over the past year. I figure since I'm in there, do what  needs to be done.


My pan bolts look to be a bit rusty, I bought a new bolt pan kit. I have the filter, and 8 qts of fluid. I'd like to get this done before it gets too cold and I start plowing.


Can anyone confirm if I need to remove the shift linkage? That looks like it will be not enjoyable.

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It's not terrible to do, but more annoying, at least in my experience.  If you can get the bolts out of the cover, that's the important thing, if you can do that without taking off the bracket...  On my '04, I think I managed to get them out without taking off the bracket using 1/4" socket/ratchet/extension (with a 10mm socket).

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I figured as much. And planned to do that.


Appreciate the info. Gotta get after this!


Just did the starter last week. Will just need injectors to fix the hot start issue and I think I'm finally done with this truck's work. Been a long 1st year of ownership. Will be way more enjoyable to plow this year too. Not having to baby it with a bad cv (didn't know that was bad on top of the bearing), and bad wheel bearing.


I've reconditioned this thing back to working order!

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Got er done. New mount/bushing in. Makes room to take pan off without jacking transmission.

It was for sure time to change it. Cleaned pan and magnet. New gasket.

Pan bolts torque to 12 ft lbs. checked them all twice.d78085d93d4770e749a970f505d90744.jpg

A job well done!

Drain pan bolt would NOT break free. I even tried some heat.

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7 minutes ago, ChevroletTough said:

I have a bolt out kit but didn’t have the right size.

I’ll have to take a pic of the energy suspension tans mount. Gave a lot more room to get pan bolts out without having to jack trans.

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Wow, that means the original mount was completely shot to have lowered the trans that much.  Might want to check your u joints.  :)

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