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2009 Silverado 3500HD abs sensor C0035 fault code

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2009 Silverado 3500HD 6.6l 50,000 miles - have a C0035 fault code: left front wheel speed sensor circuit - open.  Multimeter on the sensor plug also shows open circuit.  Cannot see any problem with the wire leading to the sensor though have not yet removed the wheel, brakes and disc.  Seems odd to me that the sensor itself should fail, since it is only a coil of wire around a permanent magnet.  But the multimeter agrees with the scanner.


Nothing else for it but to remove wheel, brake and disc and inspect?  Or could there be a break in the wire beneath the sheathing somewhere?  All looks fairly good - no obvious sign of wear or kinking.  Just like to ask someone who has had experience in these things what is most likely the cause before I start taking things apart.  This truck is in Australia, so RHD - not that that makes any difference.


I have a new sensor to replace the old one if necessary.  

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