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Towed to Dealer After Software Update

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We are still dealing with intermittent backup/360 camera failures so the truck was at the dealer for them to "investigate".  We picked it up on Friday so we could use the car for the weekend, wife stops at the sitters house to grab our youngest - apparently the truck said an update was avail and should take 5 min to apply.  Now before we start educating on all of the reasons to not hit apply when you aren't even at your house, I agree (and now my wife does).  So here is a warning to anyone out there who doesn't quite agree yet.


She hit the update button, came back out and the truck wouldn't start, radio and other electrical things seem to work fine.  Hit start - nothing.


Called the dealer that we had just left, they told us it was quitting time and there was nothing they could do (that is another issue altogether.). Since we needed to get this vehicle out of this persons driveway we started a roadside assistance call and a flat bed soon arrived.  I along with roadside assistance tried to get the truck started for an hour or so, no luck.  It would "remote start" via FOB or on-star but any attempt to activate the truck it would turn off.  So we proceeded down the path of a tow.


The situation was made more difficult in the fact that the driveway was steep and required a hard turn - so the wheels were turned hard and the steering column electronically locked.  The truck also would not go into neutral all attempts were met with an error to the effect of this shift cannot be made in this condition.  The flatbed driver pointed out what looked like a small crash/collision symbol so he thought maybe the truck thought it had been in an accident.


On to the tow...As he was setting up to tow the truck I asked how he planned on getting it onto the flatbed.  His response was to drag it, which was better then when I asked how he planned on getting it off the flatbed - shake it.  Now there was no way I was going to watch a truck with 6k miles on get dragged or shaken off of a flatbed I told them there had to be a better way.  Long story short we were able to locate a "repo" style truck that could lift the rear wheels, and then put dollies on the front.  This worked great for the 2 mile tow to the dealer - although it cost me $200+tip.  I will try and get GM to compensate - I am not holding my breath.


So thats where we are at, truck is at dealer for them to look at on Monday.  We are down to one vehicle as the dealer doesn't have anything for us to use.


Whats the point of this post?


Please dont apply software updates to your vehicle unless you have a plan - future updates for us will be done by the dealer / at the dealer.


Honestly as much as we love the look / drive of this truck I am really questioning the long term life of this truck for us.

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Dealer said there was a checksum error with the steering module.  Re-flashed and everything magically started working.  Hopefully getting reimbursed for the towing from GM will be half as easy.  

Careful with those updates!

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I am scheduling a reflash of my ecm since i purchase a cold air intake on my 6.2Lfrom another dealer and installed it myself which requires it. I am asking another dealer to reflash, fingers crossed.😎

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2021 Tahoe HighCountry. Cold Air intake kit, 


Just came from my dealer and they were not given permission from gm tech line to reprogram for GM cold air intake performance filter install, because it was not ordered with it. VIN # must show that was purchased from the manufacture and installed when built, BUTit’s a LPO so dealer installs upon delivery  to dealership before selling it.

Sounds crazy but the parts guy showed me that they were not allowed to order or sell it over the counter, I purchase from GM warehouse suppliers! 

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