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Rain sensor / automatic wipers retrofit

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Was there ever an option for automatic wipers? If so, is it possible to retrofit them? Anyone already done that? What parts do you need? Is a new windshield required?


The reason I want to have automatic wipers is that I live in the alps where there are a lot of short and long tunnels and the weather changes every few kilometers. So when you're driving in rainy weather you are always fiddling around finding the "right" wiper speed and switching it on and off. It's a 2014 silverado LTZ.


Thanks in advance


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There use to be a company called RainTracker, but unfortunately are out of business.

All the new cars have it built into the BCM and the sensor comes installed on a new windshield, which connects directly to the BCM.

I think RainTracker licensed their technology to who I think is GM.  


sorry for the bad news... not even the Chinese have been able to duplicate it...

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