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Trying to get an idea as to what I can sell my 2500 Suburban 8.1L Whipple Supercharged vehicle for

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Apologies if this is not allowed, but I am new here and am trying to an answer from the experts here.

So, realistically given miles, conditions, features (the 8.1L engine with Whipple Supercharger) what could I expect to get for this if I sold it?

Off the bat - has an 8.1L 496cc with an added Whipple Supercharger - 600+ HP and 647 ft-pounds of torque. It is a towing beast. You do have to use 91 octane fuel.


LT trim, I think

No crash history. I bought it from the original owner - he put 209,000 mostly highway miles on it towing a big Toy Hauler all over the country and Canada. I have put 2000 miles on it just towing the boat to and from ramps and occasionally to work - so 211,000 on it

Never smoked in.

Condition outside is OK - could use a paint job to pretty her up as it is peeling in a few places.

Inside condition is sort of OK - a few small tears and rub spots on the leather seats, and the top of the dash is sun-cracked so I have one of those carpet covers on top of it. CD player doesn't work but the stereo itself is awesome and I use a Bluetooth MP3 device to stream my music from my phone.

There are a few "empty holes" in the center of the dash where a CB radio and some other piece of electronic add-on was - I think a DVD player. I'm sure it could be covered or something else installed there.

Driver's control panel (where all the buttons for locks, windows, etc.) is loose (broken clip) so I have some duct tape there holding it on - again, something a new piece with usable retention clips could fix.

Headliner in only one place sags a little but nothing serious - it is the moon roof.

The rear view mirror suddenly let loose of the glass a month ago - weird. I tried gluing it back in but no luck. So I replaced it with a suction cup one. I also have a rear camera/front dash cam installed - it is awesome for backing up, hitching up, etc. and runs all the time, so I have been using it as my primary rearview mirror when driving - I like it as I can see a lot more on the sides - I hardly ever look in my side mirrors when changing lanes because of it.

The side mirrors are different - one is factory with power and the turn signal, but the driver's is manual.

Class IV trailer hitch with ball included.

No third row seating so there is a VERY large cargo area back there with a plastic heavy duty cover down.

Runs great - ice cold AC. The only niggling little issue is a very slow oil leak somewhere - if I were to guess it may either by the pan gasket or master cylinder gasket. I put some "stop leak" in it and it helped, but it is so slow that simply checking the oil level every month or two and adding a little oil (like maybe a half quart) seems to be working just fine. These engines are known to slowly lose oil (burn or tiny leaks) especially after 200,000 miles of use. I use 25w40 and it helps keep that to a minimum.

All the things I have done to it:

Alternator - Sep 2020 (lifetime warranty)

Battery - Sep 2020 (3 year warranty)

4x4 actuator motor replacement - October 2020

New serpentine belt - Aug 2020

New E rated tires - May 2020

Cooling system flush, new thermostat, idler pulley, water pump, belt tensioners, spark plugs - August 2019 (when I first got it - had a mechanic really do a huge inspection and replace everything he thought it needed to be safe)

Starter, power steering pump, HP lines - December 2019

Special "racing" spark plug wires - $275 alone for these - done to keep the heavy duty cast-iron engine block from melting normal spark plug wires. April 2020

Ball joints, pittman arm, idler arm and bracket, brakes, CV axle, control arm - basically an entire new front end - and a front end alignment - Aug 2019

New catalytic converter, exhaust manifold gasket - Sep 2019

In July of 2017 (original owner) the transmission was replaced - truck had 192,129 miles on it - so the transmission is 4 years old and has less than 20,000 miles on it.

April 2019 - Instrument cluster replaced

I have ALL of the receipts from both the previous owner and myself, including the original bill of sale listing all options.

I am hoping the incredible towing capacity (12,000 pounds) and all the new parts and work done to it will be a good match for someone that can't afford or doesn't want a diesel.

Not in a rush to sell it so I can afford to wait for the right buyer to come along.

Thank you.

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What year is it?


Let's put this in perspective. I bought a 2003 K2500 6.0L Crew Cab Short bed with 165,000 miles (GMT-800) for $3500 with a bad transmission and a few parts missing from the interior. I was looking at a couple of GMT-800 Suburbans with about the same miles with 8.1L big blocks for about $3000 in good condition.


200,000 miles is a lot for an 8.1 used for towing. Put a supercharger on it and that just decreases the longevity, so that engine will require a rebuild or replacement very soon. You did all that stuff and want to sell it? Honestly, that speaks volumes along with the description of the body and interior.


I'd say you might get $3500-$4500.

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