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StabiliTrak warning pops up at random times

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Factory warranty already expired, i believe extended is also(still need to find the paperwork and call to check) but i have noticed that the warning is occurring more often lately and during different times. By that i mean that it has popped up while parked, while driving on the highway and the other morning while turning into a parking lot. So its never the same type of driving that its showing up for.


If the extended warranty if still good, its going in, but if its not, what am i looking at as far as repairing or safety for that matter if not resolved?

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i had similar issues with the stabilitrac coming on and the fix, finally, was to replace the battery ground cable.  why it was bad is beyond me, i feel it should have been a GM fix for improper build of a cable but it fixed the problem (this was on my 2014 truck).

good luck.

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Since i have the extended warranty and the frequency of the warning kept popping up last week seem like every few minutes, i dropped it off this morning at the dealership and they stated that the ABS wiring/ harness was being pulled/extended because of how it was run after the lift. ( so blaming the lift for this issue and want $600+ for the repair ) i looked it up and if its truely just the wiring harness for the ABS, thats a $20 or so part , and watching some videos on replacing, what is the $600 for?? thats crazy. So declined that repair since its not "covered" 

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Can this stabilitrak be turned off until i have the sensor replaced?

Is that just a matter of flipping the switch on the dash to turn off traction control and stabilitrak? 

I found this video on youtube and it shows how to disable it, which would be nice to drive without the notification until its replaced/repaired.




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So i have a dilemma, picked up the truck, was planning on taking somewhere else and then found what they say is the issue, and its pretty obvious. BUT the tear/stripped portion of the harness is the one that goes up to the ABS module, not the easy one that goes down to the hub. The yellow wire seems to have either been pulled out of the harness end or sheered off.


#1 Is that harness up to the module available?

#2 Am i screwed and part of the entire truck wiring harness?

#3 Can that be fixed by splicing in a new wire and extending that portion?


Also, according to them that harness should have been run on the bottom of the control arm to allow for more movement and clearance. If thats correct, does anyone have pictures of the route to take?




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