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Electrical issue

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About a week a go I took my 2014 Silverado 5.3 out for a drive and out of nowhere the gauges started going crazy. The brake, abs, and check engine light came on. There was also a message about servicing the power steering. Turned it off and let it sat for a while and all the lights were gone other than the check engine light. I drove it and the steering wheel was hard like I had no power steering. About 10 minutes into driving everything went away and truck drove like normal and gauges went back to normal. When I got home I put on the obd and got nothing but communication codes but they cleared after reseting. I have since cleaned all the grounds. There was two on the frame one by the driver side and one by the passenger behind the front wheel well. There was two on the dash one by the driver side tweeter and another by the passenger. Also cleaned one out that was in the back above the spare tire. Same issue after cleaning the grounds so I replaced the battery ground cable with another new oem from dealer. Still same issue. I turned on the truck in the drive way and about 15 mins in it started going crazy again with service brake and service power steering and check engine light lit up. Battery seems old but cranks up every time even after weeks of not driving it. I have ordered a new distribution box to see if that fixes the issue. Need some help fixing this issue. I figured if it was a bad module it just would not work from crank and not wait 15 minutes after crank to tell me its bad. I checked harness under frame and it looks good. 

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