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Hesitant acceleration

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I have a 2015 Silverado 2500hd with the 6.0 in it. A few weeks ago it started acting a little sluggish. When I would go to accelerate it would act like I’m pulling a heavy trailer and take forever to get up to speed and even shutter sometimes even though I wasn’t actually towing anything. I checked all the brakes and none of them were hanging up. I changed the air filter and my problem went away until today. I don’t drive the truck every day and will sit for a week or more at a time. Today after it started doing it again I checked  the brakes and air filter again and nothing. The truck shows no codes.

Any ideas?

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First thing to try is to clear memory, disconnect the batt. for at least 3 hours (overnight works too), and then try again, if it comes back right away then check fuel system, pressure, possible water in the fuel.

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I drove the truck the next day and it had no problems. I changed the oil, trans fluid and rear diff fluid and none were low and all looked fine. 

I can’t imagine it’s a fuel issue because the engine sounds strong when it’s accelerating. The rpms climb up high but the speedometer doesn’t move very fast. It’s like something is holding it back

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