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Auto Reverse Tilt Mirrors on 2021 AT4?

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Hey folks:


Just traded in my '11 LTZ Z71 and am now the happy owner of a new 2021 AT4 here - pic below! 


I can't seem to figure out how to get my mirrors to tilt down when I throw the truck in reverse... this was probably one of my favourite features on my old truck.  I searched this forum and others and can't seem to find ANYTHING on this - did GM delete this functionality or am I just missing a setting somewhere?


Thanks in advance!


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2021 1500 Sierra Owners Manual:



Reverse Tilt Mirrors


If equipped with reverse tilt mirrors and memory seats, the passenger and/or driver
mirror tilts to a preselected position when the vehicle is in R (Reverse). This allows the
curb to be seen when parallel parking.


The mirror(s) may move from their tilted position when:
. The vehicle is shifted out of R (Reverse), or remains in R (Reverse) for about 30 seconds.
. The vehicle is turned off.
. The vehicle is driven in R (Reverse) above a set speed.
To turn this feature on or off, see Vehicle
Personalization pg 130. 


Reverse Tilt Mirror
When on, the driver, passenger, or both driver and passenger outside mirrors will tilt
 downward when the vehicle is shifted into R (Reverse) to improve visibility of the
ground near the rear wheels. They may move from their tilted position when the vehicle is shifted out of R (Reverse) or
turned off.

See Reverse Tilt Mirrors pg 38.
Touch Off, On - Driver and Passenger, On -
Driver, or On - Passenger. 


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