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Misfire problem!!!!!!!

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I’m new to the forum and I think I have a problem that will stump u guys. I have a2009 Escalade 6.2 I was driving one day and the engine started misfiring bad . Check engine light flashing missing terrible barley running but I got it home which was 15 min away. I had a code po300 ( random misfire)and p0134 (02 sensor bank 1 sensor 1) I replaced the pre cat driver side oxygen sensor and it fixed the problem drove it to the store and back quick rides maybe 15 miles total . Then it stared giving problems again po171 bank 1 too lean and p0300. I changed plugs switched coils ,compression test was good . Plugs on driver side were wet and passenger side was not . I looked to see if the cat was plugged and it completely broke apart and is in exhaust somewhere,but I did start it with no cat and still missfied bad with stabilitrack and traction control lights going off. What I’m seeing is the odd cylinders driver side plugs are gas soaked and passenger is not . What could cause this? Most sensors effect the whole engine not one side . I don’t think it’s oxygen sensors either cause it does it hot or cold engine with open or closed loop. I don’t think I have afm since it’s a 09 so I don’t thik that’s the problem either. Thank for ur help

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