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2016 Silverado high pitch sound????

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So I just got my trans fluid and filter change along with gasket kit on my 2016 Silverado. I noticed it is making a high pitch sound and it happens once the trans temp gets past 180 degrees. It goes away in gear and If I hit the gas in park. It’s usually happens in park and neutral. The dealer said they did an inspection before and after the change and didn’t mentioned any bad. They said the fluid wasn’t bad but I personally wanted the filter replaced. I paid over $700 for the change and now dealing with this ******. Sounds like it’s coming from the torque converter to me but I have no experience in this. If it is the torques converter will it be covered under the power train limited warranty? The truck is a certified pre own. 6yr 100,008

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Another reason why I do not recommend the "dealer" unless it's being done under warranty, meaning free of charge.


I'm not trying to be negative but this forum is all about going to the "dealer" or "site sponsor ". 


You can try;


1. The "dealer"

2. "Site sponsor"

3. Repeat step 1.



Now, if you like to do things yourself, check the fluid and make sure it's enough. What type of fluid was put in there? Did you have this same problem before going to the dealer? 

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Just an update I upgraded to the new thermal bypass valve and during the warmer days it creeps to 190 not sure if I should purchase another to make sure.  Trans shifts fine. Fluid and filter change was done by the dealer. 

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