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New truck, downgrade/upgrade To be determined...lol


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Well I traded in my 2017 2500HD with the 6.0 Gas engine in on this 2021 RST with the Duramax and the 10 speed.  Originally I purchased the 2500 for payload capacity to haul our sled deck and a couple sleds all winter, but now we have upgraded from the deck to a 20' enclosed trailer.  The other day we were at the dealership and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse to trade in my 2500.  And with fuel prices rising and the 2500 only getting about 8 MPG I decided it was time for a change.  The ride is way more cushy and the crew cab is so much better for passengers in the 21.  I don't think the new truck stands out as much but its still nice.  Hopefully the Duramax gets better fuel mileage and will haul the trailer as well as I hope it will... 





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Nice upgrade! Only thing missing IMO is maybe payload , smaller bed  and some towing but that DirtyMAX is awesome engine. 

You get nicer bigger  interior , more tech and overall nicer truck and you will ride 10 times nicer in a halfton then HD truck. Congrats mate! Now slap on some black wheels and call it a day . 

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I too made the jump to the 3.0 after much research. I can say it did not intitially blow me away. I felt wow, really nice truck, rides beautiful, they did a nice job, but this is no 6.2...which I had previously. Kept reminding myself why I made this decision. Two of those reasons was poor mileage and Premium fuel. Day by day, week after week I just keep getting impressed with this truck. It is a slight compromise on one side but overwhelmingly great in so many categories. Tows fantastic, great fuel mileage, and is very torquey around town with an enjoyable drive experience. Great highway cruiser. The only thing it lacks is the passing power or the 6.2 on the highway. It passes just fine, but all the noise and speed of the 6.2 was really cool. I'm over it. This 3.0 is a fantastic package and does it all well. I average 24 mpg driving normal fast. Driving nice on hwy I get 28 easily. I towed 5500 lb. open trailer up to Va. and back and averaged 15.7 mpg doing it!! It will grow on you, and now with ridiculous fuel prices this truck shines even more. Good luck with the new ride

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