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How to Remove a DRIVER SIDE MOUNTED Fuel Filter From a 2002 Chevy Silverado 3500 Cab/Chassis Truck

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Hello - 

I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado 3500 cab/chassis truck, VIN 1GBJC34U22F129260.  This truck has dual fuel tanks, and a 12' dump bed that was added.  We need to replace the fuel filter and do some other work on this truck.  First chore is to deal with the fuel filter.

The issue is that the factory manual that we have, and Chilton's, show the fuel filter being mounted on what we believe to be the passenger side of the chassis.  Our filter is mounted on the DRIVER SIDE!  Thus some of the instructions in the manual and Chilton's do not apply to our situation!

We need specific instructions on how to properly proceed to remove the filter from this vehicle.
The problem is that to remove the filter and the mounting bracket together, the incoming fuel line from the pump will have to be shifted backwards enough to remove that fuel line from the inlet of the filter.  The filter and bracket then must be removed as one piece because there is insufficient room to extract the filter from the bracket while the bracket is mounted.  

In order to be able to free the bracket totally, the two square head bolts mounting the bracket to the side frame will have to be completely removed, thus allowing the bracket to be moved sideways and backwards to separate the filter from the outgoing fuel line.

But the first step is to properly get the incoming fuel line moved backwards enough.  

The following pictures are attached:
Filter Outlet1
Filter Inlet1
Inlet Fuel Line1
Inlet Fuel Line2
Inlet Fuel Line3
Inlet Fuel Line4
Inlet Fuel Line5
Front Fuel Pump1
Truck Bed1
Truck Bed2
Truck Bed3

1. These pictures were taken in Macro mode on the camera due to the closeness required, and therefore appear to show much more physical room than is really there. 

2. In picture Filter Inletl, it appears as if the bracket is mounted on a horizontal surface; it is not - it is mounted on the vertical side rail.  Had to put the camera at that angle to get the shot.

3. The Inlet Fuel Line pictures start at the filter end and work backwards toward the fuel pump.

4. In picture Inlet Fuel Line3, the lines turn toward the outer rail and the bottom line can be manually pressed backwards with a hand.  That allows the line to be extracted from the inlet side of the filter but only about 1/2 way out.  Considerably more force would be required to move the line enough to remove it completely.

5. It may be possible to also apply some backwards force on the bottom line in Inlet Fuel Line5.  
   Logic says it would be best to disconnect that line from the fuel pump outlet.

So ...
1. What is the overall proper procedure to extract this fuel line from the filter?
2. Can the square head bolts be removed from the bracket frame without damaging the frame?


NOTE: More pics attached in subsequent posts ...

Inlet Fuel Line2.JPG

Filter Inlet.JPG

Filter Outlet.JPG

Inlet Fuel Line1.JPG

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Just take the filter nuts off and pull the line out  of the filter.  There is enough "wiggle" room to be able to remove it.  I had the same set up on my 2002, 1500 silverado.  I changed the filter out every 30k miles.

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Boss Man, I wish you were right.  But this isn't a 1500 - it is a 3500.  There is only one narrow area that I can get any good prying applied on the inlet line.  That only got the inlet line halfway out of the filter inlet chamber. There is NO 'wiggle room' on the outlet side period!  looks like this will be a two man job with one or two crowbars.



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I was able to pop the hard line out of those plastic clips to give more room.  Are you able to do that?   It doesn't take much room to be able to remove the filter.  Only thing that stinks is getting gas all over the place as it drains.

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Well, success!  Got filter installed yesterday with some help.  Don't have time now to list the steps but will do so later.  Now on to the next project of replacing all 8 injectors.

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