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3.0 Trail Boss MPGs underrated???

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2 hours ago, Wiggums said:

That's in line with other Duramax 3.0 engines...

I saw that on non Trail Boss models. However the sticker for the truck lists 20/23. The lift and Duratrac tires allegedly knock it down from what the other trucks are rated at.

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The average all around mileage for most is 24 mpg. In town I get 20, on the [email protected] 75 mph I have gotten 30 but average 22-24 mpg all the time. There are guys here who put the effort in and get 30-32 highway, but we are talking slower, and flat, no wind. 

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5 hours ago, OliverDennis52 said:

Yep.  Duratracs are mileage killers.  I swapped mine out with a non AT P metric tire and saw a noticeable increase in MPGs.


Got 26.2 mpg with the Duratracs. I do plan on switching to a different tire once they are worn out.

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I'm a 2020 Chevy 3.0.  I commute 60 miles to work, 60 back in southern California. It takes me 1.25 hours to work and 2.5 on the way back. It loves the 60-69 mph range. notice a decrease once i hot over 70. Never dropped below 28mpg. I have 56,000 miles on it, never reset the 2nd trip odometer, and showing 29.5mpg for the life of the vehicle. I've been "leveled" for most of the owner ship, stock tires. Just recently put a 2.5" lift and 33's on it. Mileage so far has dropped about 1mpg, still getting 29ish, sometimes 30+. Ill take a pic of my DIC when i get off work.

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On 4/14/2022 at 2:29 PM, Jrodpic said:

Have been seeing higher MPGs in our 22 3.0 Trail Boss LT. Only mod is a K and N. Got 23 city and 26 highway on a few recent trips.


Your few short drives may show the best results given that condition, where the EPA rating would also include other factors, one big factor would be regen period which can drastically reduce your over all average.


I'm sure like many other variables, that GM factors in liability and may claim slightly underrated figures to protect themselves.   I know this is the case with speedometer accuracy.   If you ever check the speedometer on a stock vehicle to a GPS you can expect to see a slight difference where the speedo reads about 1-2% faster than your actually traveling. 


Better for a manufacture to slightly underrate the vehicle to cover their ass'ets. lol  Look what happened with VW and Dodge in Dieselgate not to long ago, or Ford recalled the Cobra in '99 because they over rated the power numbers and owners were upset, etc.



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