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2021 Tahoe Z71 squatting when towing

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10 hours ago, LisaG926 said:

Help. Why would my new Tahoe squat when I’m towing well below the Maximum towing capacity?



Squat is normal to an extent.


If you have too much tongue weight, no matter the trailer weight, you may get more squat.


What is the total weight of your trailer?

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On 6/26/2022 at 11:17 PM, LisaG926 said:

Help. Why would my new Tahoe squat when I’m towing well below the Maximum towing capacity?

This is certainly not what we like to hear, LisaG926.  Please know, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our team would be more than happy to take a closer look into the concerns with your Tahoe. To do so, please send an email to [email protected] with ATTN: LisaG926/GM Trucks in the subject line.

Please include your contact information, VIN, a brief description of your concern, and the name of your preferred dealership. We look forward to hearing from you. To learn more about GM’s privacy policy, please visit https://www.gm.com/privacy-statement.html.
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You probably have too much tongue weight, and you probably have gear in the truck that accentuates that. 

Look at the GVWR of the truck.   Then weigh it, as it sits...like you're getting ready to go somewhere with the trailer, but just weigh the truck.  It's the only way you can know.   Don't go off any published figured, you have to weigh it as it's going to tow.


Weigh with all the gear, and account for passenger weights as well, plus a full tank of gas as tow ratings are usually derived with 1/4 take or so, so 6lbs for every gallon over say, 1/2 a tank.  


So subtract how much the vehicle actually weighs with all your gear/people in it from the GVWR.  

Then realize that whatever the rated tongue weight also counts towards that GVWR number.   See if you're not over, or close to it.  I bet you are, and that's why it squats. 

You can't fully load the truck up AND also carry the max tongue weight.  It'll be over if you do that. 

Or, you could have a suspension issue, sure...but unlikely it'd only show up when you tow. 

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Are you using a load equalization hitch?  Part two, if you are using one did you setup like owner's manual recommends?


I know on LD trucks they require load equalization hitch over 6000 lbs 


You could be at or over RGAWR without load equalization.  It's best to get on a scale and figure out where you are at for GVW, RGAWR, and GCW.  

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