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02 GMC 2500hd diff bracket Bushings

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I’m hoping someone on here can help me out. I have a 2002 2500hd 4x4, I did a 2wd to 4wd conversion and the last piece of the puzzle I need is the bushing in the frame for the front diff bracket. My local dealer gave me two gm bushings number 15962664, but after going to install them I realize the two different holes in the frame are different sizes. That bushings they gave me, one  fit the rear mounting hole but is too big for the front hole. The dealer and any parts stores are no help to finding a source to get this bushing. So

im looking for a part number of the bushing that I need. I’ve attached pictures to

help explain. 




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Your post is a bit confusing, but I understand you now basically have a 4x4. I looked up on rock auto.com, they list several type of bushings. Your asking about one in the frame, I am assuming it the control arm mount bushing. I attached pick of rock auto's listing for those, I recommend ac Delco. 
















  This listing is for 2002 2500 dueamax deisel, but those are usuallyan an HD frame. So they would fit any HD frame.















































































































Screenshot_20230128_141613_Samsung Internet.jpg

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The parts catalog lists two different part numbers for those bushings-15962663 and 15962664. I assume one is for the front hole in the chassis and the other is the rear. No dimensions are given but the pictures look like what your looking for.

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From doing this conversion myself with my '04 Sierra 3500, from talking with multiple dealers, those 2 bushings are not considered servicable by GM, as they are bonded to the frame.  GM's idea is that you buy a new frame if those bushings need replacement.


When I did the job, I got the bushings out of my parts truck by using a 1/4" bit in an electric drill, and drilling right at the edge between the bushing and the metal tube it's in.  Go all the way through to the other side, then keep the drill spinning, and allow it to walk all the way around the bushing.  Once all the way around, pull the drill out and push the bushing through.  Note, the tube and bushing is slightly tapered.


I did this about 8 years ago, and they've stayed in place and work fine in their new home.


Since then, I recall coming across some company which made urethane or poly bushings for these things, but IDR the company name.

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