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Adding a Suspension Lift on a 2023 Sierra Denali Ultimate with Super Cruise

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Done multiple different levels on the front to try and get to no rubbing with the bigger tires and spacers.  1.5" 2" and now 2.5".


Super Cruise works fine still and commute weekly from OKC to DFW and use it the whole time.   I think my mind has tricked me into thing that it wonders a little more but I really think that just depends on lane markers and light levels.  Sometimes the sun washes out the lane markers and I feel that makes it harder for supercuirse to find them. 



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On 12/12/2023 at 8:23 AM, ARedSierra said:

The only question I have is - If you have the pre-collison breaking but not the super-cruise stuff (Elevation trim) can you still level/lift without causing problems with the pre-collison stuff? Or are you able to get that recalibrated?

That annoying pre collision junk still works too.  

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On 12/6/2023 at 1:45 PM, jdlefty3 said:

No issues so far got 9000 miles on it now. I used the rough country 3.5 kit for the denali. 

I merely changed the set of tires from 275 55 R22 to 275 60 R20 (due to driving on rough roads) and the tire shop said that will be 2.something % smaller diameter (a closer one would be a 65 wall = 0.7%) anyways; the super cruise does work sometimes but not as much as it is with stock size tires 

I also asked GMC if I can lift it, I got the same answer as the GM rep answer above 


it comes down to this I guess; is your SC picking up on the same roads before and after the lift? Or it is picking up on some roads?

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