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Hot Tip For 2022.5+ Truck Owners With IOK 13.4" Radio


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If anyone is experiencing any sort of radio glitches and want to reset it until you have a service appointment, or just reset it in general for some sort of glitch, there is a radio reset you can perform yourself that does not involve disconnecting the negative battery terminal.


With the key on engine off or engine on, press and hold the mute/phone hang up button on your steering wheel for 15 seconds.  This will initiate a radio reset.  Not sure if this has been mentioned or shared anywhere yet.  


I have not tried this with 19-22 trucks, nor have I tried this on 2022.5+up with the old small radio, but this will work on the people with the new radio 13.4" IOK.  

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I tried that on mine to remove an annoying audio message every time I pull it out of the barn. I didnt think it would work and it didnt stop it.I believe it Onstar related since I dont subscribe. 

"I'm off line so I cant do that. In the meantime you can get directions, get calls and play radio"  I dont know what "Alexa" sounds like so I cant say if thats the voice. 

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On my '23 5.3l LT with the 13.4" Info setup there is a choice under "System" I believe, that allows you to do a soft reset. I've had to use it about 4 times between this truck and the '23 2.4l I bought and traded in when there would be no sound from any audio option (BT, Radio, Android Auto, etc). The truck doesn't have to be in Park but it does have to be stopped with your foot on the brake. It resets it to "Safe Mode" until you shut the truck down and then restart it. Safe mode allows for normal use, with the exception I think of any Apps you've installed. You don't lose any presets you've set up, or the apps you may have installed, it just gets the audio back on from what I've seen.

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