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Low Coolant Light

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Hello...the low coolant light has been coming on lately. I am on my way out the door to pick up some more pre-mixed dexcool to add to the reserve tank on the passanger side. The light came on about 10 months ago for the same thing. I added coolant last time and it is definately lower now. Where is that coolant going? Is it normal to have to add coolant to the truck?


Should I have it looked at?

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You are worried about having to add coolant every 10 months??? This is just normal maintenance..... save your worrying for important things...like transmissions!


You did not say how many miles your truck, but the first problem that most people have is a water pump going bad and leaking coolant from the water pump shaft seal. Have you seen any coolant on the ground under your truck?


Other ways coolant disappears include:

Evaporation from the coolant tank

Minor leaks from hoses

Leaks from heater core - usually you can smell this inside the cab

Head gasket/intake manifold leaks


Frankly, coolant is cheap, just keep the overflow tank topped off and enjoy your truck..

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Thanks for the reply - the truck has 73,000 miles on it. I meticulously maintain this truck - have had the oil changed every 3K and tranny, diffs, and transfer case serviced every 30K. I just was not sure if having to add coolant was normal or not. My concern is that is is leaking it out somewhere. I don't smell coolant in the cab - I think I would see if the hoses were leaking, etc. As long as others around here have also had to add coolant every once in a while I am not going to worry!

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ive had 3 coolant leaks on my 2002 z-71...


1) drivers side engine head required replacement....a casting porosity (void in the aluminum head) eventually caused a coolant leak at the spark plug threads


2) leaking expansion plug


3) leaking water pump gasket


all three occured with less than 45k, two were under the 3/36 warranty...


its hard to tell when Dexcool leaks, because it evaporates on the hot engine parts and leaves either a whiteish dusty stain...or, it evaporates to an orange goo substance.


i found all three leaks easily when i took of the skid plate. plain as day...

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