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"Popping" in clutch with ZF6/8.1



had posted this in the 2500HD section, I'll try it here...


so, my latest issue is that when i let off the clutch it comes up to the "ctatching point", hesitates for a second, and then pops hard back up.

it almost hurts it hits my foot so hard if I don't pull my foot away fast enough.


related to this (maybe) is that I have essentially no pressure in my clutch from top all the way down to the "catching" point.


anybody else have this issue or knwo what the culprit might be? it shifts okay still, just annoying as all heII, and I am hoping not indicative of something really terrible.

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Sounds like a pressure plate problem. Have had some broken clutch diaphragm springs on the 6.0L, but even then they don't exhibit what you're describing.


Don't really see a lot of manual transmission trucks around here.

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