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My "new" ATV...


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Alright, a while back I posted some pics of my 2005 Kodiak 450 4wd ATV, which I really liked... Well, since I am getting married in June, I decided it's about time to get rid of a few toys, to pay for other stuff. Actually, since my g/f turned into my fiance', everything has gotten one heck of a lot more expensive. lol.


At any rate, I sold the Kodiak, and picked this thing up from a friend here at work... for the outrageous sum of $100. It's a 1981 Honda 185s ATC 3 wheeler. :devil: Crazy thing is, it starts right up first or second pull everytime! It was rebuilt at one point, and bored out to a 200cc, and surprisingly has a whole lot of power (control is another story).


So far, I've only adjusted the valves, cleaned/adjusted the carb, and changed the oil a few times. I've run it under water about 5 times so far. It floats, just not with me on in it. I found out, trying to cross a pond.


I had a Honda 110cc as a kid and loved it. In fact, I think it's more fun riding this than the Kodiak, mainly because I can beat the hell out of it and not worry about it.


Anyways, here it is:



"Ride Red" :devil:

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That is one wheelie monster you have there.


I can do a wheelie on my Z400 as far, fast and long as I want, but it's not easy.


If I got on yours, I probably wouldn't have the front wheel on the ground very often.




Yeah, I like wheelies :devil:



Congrats on the bulletproof trike man :devil:

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Yeah, I ride one a pretty good bit. Too far back though, and the gas tank leaks out of the cap, and that's no fun. LOL


I'm used to riding a wheelie on a dirt bike, where I use the clutch to help me stay up there. It's tricky on this thing.


I've only flipped it a few times so far, turning isn't quite as stable now as with the Kodiak. Hell, I'm more stable walking when drunk when it comes down to it. :devil:


I miss the other bike, but at least this one is fun and sturdy as a freakin' tank.


Speaking of a Suzuki 400, I really want to check out their dual sport bike with that size engine, I bet that would be a great bike.

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Yeah, the DRZ400. I'm >< this close to buying one. I'm waiting on the local used bike shop to get one in so I can test ride it.


There is a lake with 80 miles of trails between my work and my house. Tell me that wouldn't be quite the stress reliever after a crappy day at work.

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No doubt, if my commute were like that, I'd hardly ever make it home. :devil:


I had a Yamaha XT225 for a while, and was great for stuff like that, but it needed a little bit more motor for the highway. In the woods, it did great. A 400cc would be just about perfect I'd bet. Not as much weight as a 650, more torque and power than a 250. Good stuff.


I really like the 400cc Super-motard suzuki has too. I bet that thing would be a hoot in the curves...

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I asked the dealer about ordering a supermotard bike, and he laughed quite heartily.


Then told me they would mark it up about $2000. :fume:





Dang, I figured they were popular... that's nuts though.


I might go by the suzuki dealer on my way home today, they got all sorts of stuff I like. hahaha


Now if I can just figure out a way to hide a bike for a while... :D

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