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Wanted: Fuel Pump for 5.3L


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I am pretty sure I've got a bad fuel pump.......




Have you had your fuel pressure checked? It could be something else that is way cheaper. Shouldn't cost much if anything to have it checked.







Once I was sure I blew my motor cuz it had no power, but it turned out I left the E-brake on. :driving:

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I have a 2001 fuel pump.  I'm not really sure how I got it.  I may have bought it for my truck a few years back but just never really used it.  Email me if you are interested.  [email protected]





I will be emailing you when I get home from work



Also, I've had the pressure checked, and it drops below 20 psi up in higher RPM's. I also lose my prime once I shut the truck off....

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