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New Exhaust for the Bravada

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Looks Good.....might have to look into that for my Bravada. :D


Not to get off the subject here but how is your Bravy now that you had everything replaced?  Mine still makes the clunk noise and my dealer says that is a characteristic of AWD vehicles...?






It runs real minty now that everything was replaced. The drive now is what I would have expected from a Bravada. Much more smoother, seems to be able to use the power more efficiently, and is a much more nicer vehicle to drive than before.

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It's a full Magnaflow exhaust and it sounds amazing.  Not a loud rumble but has a nice "growl" to it.  Sounds a LOT better than stock and looks better too.





Is this a kit or did the muffler shop fab it together for you? Any in cabin resonance at 1500 to 2000 rpm's in drive?







It was a complete kit from what I understand. I just went into this exhaust shope that came highly recommended and told them what I wanted and they had me in and out within a short period of time. I watched them do the work and they were very quick with it.


Not sure by what you mean by resonance, but I have alot of aftermarket sound deadening added to my vehicle and when I accelerate you can hear the growl from the exhaust. Makes me smile from ear to ear lol.

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