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Front end swap

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I have been thinking about this for about a week or so now and think I'm gonna do it.


I have the 99 s-10 and I am going to swap my 97 blazer front onto the 99 and the 99 to the 97.


How stupid it may sound, I saw a white 2wd s-10 like mine (but 95-97) with a blazer composite front and it was really cool looking, and the same for the brown truck, I saw one in the mn metro area that was a 2000 or so.


anyway, opinions, and I included a crappy photo chop for you all.


And of course I will outfit the brown truck with the matching 98+ bumper.


And one more thing, I really don't care about the 99 much, my heart lies with the zr2. :seeya:





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