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Loud Bang in Exhaust

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So the story goes...I had an aftermarket exhaust put on by an exhaust shop in town. Couldn't stand the drone, so they put back on a stock exhaust, but not the one that was on there originally (they had already unloaded it). This "new" stock exhaust looks a bit older, but seems to sound normal.


Problem...drove home from work today, and about 30 seconds after I shut off the truck, the exhaust made a loud pop noise, almost like popping out a dent. Anybody have any idea what the heck it is or how I can fix it? Should I even worry about it? The exhaust guy made it sound like the exhaust may not have been off of my exact truck, but had been fitted on somehow, I haven't really been underneath to look at it yet.


I can always go back to the exhaust shop, but it's like an hour away and I've been back there like 3 times fooling around with changes... I just want to be done with this.

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My old truck ('01 2500HD 6.0L) used to make a loud bang/boing noise after I drove it for awhile. Sometimes the noise wouldn't happen for till a few minutes after I shut down, sometimes it was just 30 seconds or so...


I just figured it was the hot metal contracting on the muffler as it cooled down.


It was loud enough that I could sometimes hear it in the house, and I have a detached garage!

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