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lowering 25ooHD

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LOL, I always wondered what would happen here if someone asked that. So far it's just what I figured.


I'm not out to lower my truck but I'm not raising it either. I will stick my neck out and say that when I installed the Velvet Ride shackles and the rear went down 7/8" I eventually lowered the front the same amount so it still had a rake towards the wind. It did improve mileage over the level stance I drove it at for about 9 months.


Also look at the rear axle, it's already too close to the frame for any noticeable lowering so why try. Also the front control arms don't have much room for lowering either.


I've always scoffed at those who lower large trucks and especially duallys. Stupid is as stupid does. LOL.



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well i am thinkin the same thing as everyone else but i can see the use if you want somthing new and unique


i would try to turn down the tbars and maybe look into a new set of keys from a 3500


or just bag it and let it ride on air



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I have also contemplated the same thing, Lowering my 2500HD. My past truck was lifted and now want to try the other altitude adjustment. I also utilize my truck for a lot of weekend towing so the lower stance should help with gas mileage. As far as lowering options, there is the mentioned DJM kit and also check out McGaughy's Lowering Kit for 2500HD. The DJM kit is nice because I assume you can still run your stock wheels and tires. If you go with McGaughy's lowering spindles, you have to run a minimum 17" wheel. The DJM kit would allow you to keep your stock wheels and tires for a winter set assuming you would go to chrome or polished wheels and you live somewhere where it gets nasty in the winters.

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