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GM Crew Cab Rear Cargo Liner

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Hi Guys,


I owned a 2002 -2500 Avalanche and one of the most useful accessories was the Rear Cargo Liner - GM Item Number 12497838; the MSRP is $50.00 and they are offered commonly online for $37.50 + postage.


Basically, it is a HEAVY cover that slips over the forward-folded rear seat bottoms and it protects the rear cargo area of a crew cab GM truck.

I recently bought a 2006+ Chevy 2500HD Duramax/Allison (LBZ) CC/SB and I got to wondering if the Rear Cargo Liner would work on it.


Yup, it will, and what a wonderful find.


When my dog rides with me, which is often, I just put a large towel back there and am secure in the knowledge that she won't ruin anything. Also, it's great when you want to put anything that could be potentially messy in the rear area.


Here is a photo of mine.




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I'd never seen or heard of it.  Thanks for the PN.









No problem. I'm mostly a lurker, but the Rear Corgo Liner is so darned neat that it would be a shame not to mention it.


I really enjoyed mine in the Avalanche and most Avalanche owners have one. But I suspect that few Crew Cab owners don't even know that such a thing even exists and fewer still would know that the liner will actually fit their rigs. Frankly, GM is missing a bet by not marketing it for the Silverado/Sierra because there are probably ten crew cabs for every Avy. Besides that, pickup users are much more likely to need a Rear Cargo Liner.


My wife is a wonderful seamstress and quilter. She inspected the liner carefully and declared that she could not make it for anywhere near the fifty dollars that GM has as a list price. She loved the waterproof material, the careful assembly of the liner and the fact that the pattern is perfect.


Anyway, I thought that I would mention it, just as a way to help fellow GM Forum members.



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I checked my records and I bought my Rear Cargo Liner from www.buy-oem-parts.com The current list price is still $50.00 and the they are asking $37.50 plus shipping. There are probably better prices somewhere on the Internet, but this is where I bought mine.


By the way, when the liner is not in use, if folds up nicely and easily stores behind the rear seat, ready for instand use. It is pretty darned waterproof and definitely dog-puke proof.


We went to the Oregon Coast last week for a few days. Of course, our dog had to go along (nobody has more fun at the beach than a dog). I had the Cargo Liner protenting the rear area and a huge blanket over that. The sand (from the dog) sifted through the blanket and stayed on the liner.


When I cleaned out my rig, there was sand everywhere. Everyhere but in the rear. The Rear Cargo Liner is a wonderful thing.


Works for me. :mad:



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