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Brand New Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard Kit


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WARN TRANS4MER GRILLE GUARD KIT - The Foundation of the Trans4mer system is the grille guard comes with two uprights and two crossbars that provide the base for all the other options. Then add style and protection with optional brush guards that complement your vehicle's lines.

Category: TRANS4MER GRILLE GUARD Manufacturer: Warn

Make: GMC Model: SIERRA 1500

FitYears: 2003-2003 Part Number: 66016

Additional Information: (Black;)


This is all the information on the Trans4mer Grille guard kit i have. I know it is worth about $530. You can got to gowarn.com and type in the part number 66016 and find out everything you need to know about it. Its Brand New and Black. I am willing to sell it for the Best offer i get. I won it in Charity Golf Tournament and i have no use for it. I drive an 04 4runner so i am trying to sell it to make some extra cash. I live in Madison, MS so if you live far away the shipping might be a lot, so we can talk about the price to try and balance it out with the shipping. If anyone is interested PLEASE let me know.


I will send pictures of it if you would like. I have tried to not take it out of the box because there are a lot of parts, but if you would like pictures let me know

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