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Interesting Hho Fabrication On A 00 Silverado

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I found this guy on YouTube that has fabricated himself an HHO electrolyzer based on collection of designs of what he has concluded to be best of breed. From what I gather, he his getting an average of 28MPG with mixed driving with a 2000 Silverado 2WD 5.3L


As I suspected several months ago when I started looking into electolyzers, the key piece missing is an active controller for the existing sensors/ECM to retrofit an EFI engine.


I am a bit surprised by the amperage draw. I would be more comfortable with something below 10amps, instead of 25-30amps. The cooling needed would be sort of a problem out here in the desert during the summer.

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While in PATRO46's videos, he fabricated his own HHO generator/bubbler, is now using a controller from Hydroxycorp.com. A definite first step towards a "bubble-n-go" system that fully integrates with the vehicles OBDII ECU.


Patro46 indicates in one of his videos that he is averaging 28MPG of mixed driving in his Silverado. With just extrapolating the basic EPA rating of a 5.3 4WD of 15/17, highway mileage could be close to 35-40MPG for a 2.5ton weighted vehicle.


I hope I wasn't out of line, I sent Patro46 a message to join our forum to help share his HHO project with the GM-Trucks community.

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