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  1. mine had same messages and the missing bad rough runnin wrecker picked it up monday got it back today was a valve spring very happy with dealership
  2. what did you find out i got same exact prob 6.2 hi country 100 miles thanks
  3. ordered 2020 hicountry june 24 picked it up aug 18 not bad considering it was built in mexico and im in michigan
  4. anyone know when we can order a 2021?? thanks
  5. took mine in for same problem squeal at start up,recalls and an oil change they tell me the sqeal is normal and they r changing oil well they go to back it out truck wont move trans problem..i now drive a 4 cyl Silverado while my 6.2 high country rests
  6. u really don't need tpms tool to do trailer tires set mine up yesterday very easy just let air out of tire till horn honks then go to the next,, was gonna order tool until I read owners manual..
  7. mine does that about 15 seconds cold start let us know what dealer says thanks
  8. anyone got the part number handy I have a 6.2 hicountry gonna try just the exhaust thanks
  9. traded my 14 high country for a 19 high country new trucks ride is superior to the old truck
  10. took the 6.2 off the hood of mine ..not sure what to do about chrome aroung the windows yet
  11. looks nice I just traded my 14 for a 19 hi country had lorado before might try this hard cover this time thanks for posting
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