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  1. anyone got the part number handy I have a 6.2 hicountry gonna try just the exhaust thanks
  2. traded my 14 high country for a 19 high country new trucks ride is superior to the old truck
  3. took the 6.2 off the hood of mine ..not sure what to do about chrome aroung the windows yet
  4. looks nice I just traded my 14 for a 19 hi country had lorado before might try this hard cover this time thanks for posting
  5. picked up my truck today has lighted visors both sides so ya u can prob add them
  6. mines in the garage off my 6.2 like others said I don't see much value in it
  7. any changes between 15 and 16 on the gmc
  8. I went with the high country with the 6.2 love it did change the wheels and added gmborla exhaust
  9. service air bag.....

    did you get your truck fixed??
  10. service air bag.....

    sounds like you got a lemon hope it works out maybe call gm customer service seems like with that many trips back to the dealer they would just buy it back.

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