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  1. I know it’s been discussed, but can’t find definite answer. Is it possible to swap the “custom” grill where it spells out “Chevrolet” onto an LT or higher trim model with LED headlights to replace the boring bow tie grill? I’ve read it takes modifying, which is fine as long as it fits and looks OEM and good. Thanks in advance!
  2. Amazing deal. Can you shed any more light on this deal? What is gms discount? I'm in NY, wonder if they would lease it to me
  3. But from what I've read the residual is much higher on Denali so people have don't better on leasing them then a lower model.
  4. Anymore good deals anyone would like to share? I'm trying to see if it's even cheaper to lease a SLT or an all terrain, then a Denali.
  5. For people that change vehicles every 3 years regardless, buying doesn't pay. Pay $50k for a truck use it for 3 years, then trade or attempt to sell it which anyone knows who has tried selling a $30k+ vehicle privately is a nightmare...only to find out u barely sell it for what you owe or lose money. To each his own...you can lease and yes, spend $15k+ And just give it back, but in a sense you are doing the same thing if you buy, and decide switch vehicles often. Everyone has their own finances or opinions. I'm just looking for some good deals people have gotten leasing these beautiful trucks.
  6. Where did you buy from? Sounds like a great deal
  7. Is it possible to lease any trim for about 349/m or less? Without putting tons of money down of course
  8. Hey guys please post your lease deals, whether it's a Sierra, whichever can configuration and model, Denali, or Silverado and what you put down, how many months and monthly payment. Any if you are in the northeast, which dealer. I'm in NY currently trying to lease a new truck but want to get a great deal. Thanks in advance!!!
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