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How Many Miles Do You Get On A Full Tank Of Gas?

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Just curious as to what every body else is getting.



Kind of Vehicle: I drive a 2001 Chevy Z71 extended cab with the 3.73's.


Modifications that could affect MPG I have 285/75/16 Maxxis Bighorn tires, heavy duty brush-guard and winch(130-150 pounds), 2 12's in an enclosure(70-80 pounds), and 100+ pounds of stuff in the tool box


26 gallon fuel tank.


I can get about 350 miles with most of it being interstate driving at 80 mph


I get 10 MPG with most of it being city/ stop and go driving.



How good(or bad) are you doing?

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Usually around 450. But I can get it up to 500 if I really squeeze it. "04 ext. cab silverado 5.3 3.73 Z71. I wouldn't be able to stand getting 10 mpg. I usually get 19-20. My last tank was 20.2 mpg. hand calculated. Like I said, if I'm really working on it I can get it up there. But here is the key reason, my last tank of gas. I didn't not hardly get over 55 mph at all. I drive 40 miles one way to work on a flat two lane highway where the speed limit is 55. Also of course as much coasting as I can and very gentle starts and stops :thumbs: I think the 3.73's are great for towing and all around driving, but they are not the best if you like to go 80!

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I get 12 with my 06HD ccsb. with my '01HD ecsb I used to get 14 before they started putting that dang 10% ethanol crap then i dropped down. the '01 used to get 350-370 miles per tank if i ran it almost dry, around 330 the low fuel light would come on. With my '06 again being screwed by the 10% crap I can't even make 300 miles i think my low fuel light comes on around 250 miles and around 380ish will run it dry. I'd love to meet the stupid ass clown that thought 10% blend would be a good thing. It didn't lower fuel costs any and it sure isn't more efficient or eco friendly. I use 15-20% MORE fuel b/c of it

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