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Anyone From Western New York?


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Just curious if anyone is from this area and is sitting in all this snow I hear you guys have gotten in the past day or so? Saw some shots on TV and it looks absolutely insane! Hard to believe that I'm not that far away and we have absolutely nothing. :lol:

I want to try out my new tires in the snow.

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I'm in West Seneca, and the snow band camped out over us for 2 days... We have just under 3 feet :lol:


I had to snowblow 4 times , and do neighbors yard. The cars that are stuck on thruway are just now getting off! Imagine being stuck out there in below freezing weather overnight in the middle of a blizzard :seeya: heads are gonna roll!


Heres a pic i took earlier this am before we managed to get another foot on top of it!



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Snow storms in Buffalo are amazing. I live just north of the city and we only have a dusting. This pic was taken on my way to work yesterday on Transit road (since the thruway was closed) just north of Walden. The only reason I took the pic was to show that the snow banks were as tall as the Ford Escape ahead of me. Keep in mind on Tuesday it was in th 50's and raining.....




Towns of Lancaster, Depew and West Seneca got hit the hardest, even more than OP and Hamburg. I left work in Orchard Par on Wednesday evening via 90 east and must have just missed being stuck on the Thruway.... for what they say people were on there for up to 20 hours - hence I packed my survival kit :uhoh:



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:lol: @ survival kit. That would keep you warm out there overnight :D


Luckily i was off Wed and thurs because i probably would have taken the thruway... and at the time i only had half a tank of gas! :nono: I'm not letting it go to less than 3/4 a tank now... which means i'll be getting gas every other day :uhoh:

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:help: That's quite the survival kit. You even have the Canadian Tim Horton's coffee mug. :D


Those snow banks are insane and it is hard to believe how quickly it went from one extreme to the next! But I guess that's what we get for living in these parts, although we don't get anything like that where I am, as I'm essentially in a valley which shields us from a lot but I'm pretty sure it's not far off.

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LOL, come on down! I'd offer to come up there but i dont have an enhanced license yet.. :) I do miss the slots / casino! I especially miss the duty free on the way back :D

Nor do I. :sick: I guess we're both marooned where we are for now. :D

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I am in the Finger Lakes area- 25 miles east of Rochester. We really had a whopper of a winter this past year! Still had the 99 Silverado then and it

motored on through the snow effortlessly. I'm sure the '08 will handle it as easily next winter. My wife will be happy that I installed a seat heater for the

driver side (can't put one in the passenger sensing seat).

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