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Exhaust Question

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Will I notice any significant gains by installing a muffler + tailpipe from magnaflow vs a full catback system?

I think this would be the smarter route but I could be wrong? Not looking for huge performance, just wondering if catback vs this is worth the extra 400+ dollars.

High school budget ftw lol

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IMO, a full cat-back system is not worth the extra money on a stock truck. Just cut your stock muffler off and replace it with an aftermarket muffler. Heck, if I was still in high school, I'd just skip the whole muffler thing and straight pipe it...2.25" true duals with no mufflers and big tips! Yee haw! :driving:

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If I was you I'd go with the first option. A brand name cat back isn't worth it if you're looking for power, they just sound good. I think on your truck just the muffler and tailpipe would be the better option. Either that or have a shop bend you true duals, and get straightpipes or cherry bombs. Once again, though, if I was you, I'd go the cheaper route.

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just cut the muffler off and dump it under the bed. no bends. the bends is where you lose power.


i had a custom dual exhaust that exited one pipe on each side, that rotted out and instead of replacing it i just cut most of it off and put on a new muffler with a turndown. so now i have the dual cats going into the y-pipe and then straight back under the truck into the muffler and then the turndown. the truck feels more responsive.

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