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98 1500 busted head gasket?



I have a 98 1500 w/ approx 200k miles on it. I was driving on the interstate yesterday and start noticing smoke and antifreeze smell in the cabin. I pulled over before the check light came on and before the temp hit the red zone (260F).


I popped the hood and it looked like someone threw a water balloon in the left side of the engine. I first thought it was from the overflow reservoir. I figured my water must have gotten low because its always had a slow leak that I refill every once in a while. I thought I must have not refilled it before it got too low and it over heated.


Came back about 4 hours later to it with a few gallons of water and started pouring it into the radiator. I noticed water started leaking out the top front left side of my motor so I stopped pouring.


I dont know anything about fixing things to this extent. I assume that my head gasket cracked but I'm not entirely sure. What should I expect to need and cost to repair this?

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My 98 Yukon had a water leak that looked like head gasket, but it was the pot metal heater hose connector near the front of the intake. I replaced the pot metal fitting with Dorman part and also went ahead and replaced intake gaskets since I lost water slowly over time... there was an obvious area on the old intake gasket that was the culprit.


Edit: Oops, I reread the post again and mine was on passenger side so probably not the heater hose fitting for yours on left side.

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