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"Service Airbag" came up on dash

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Hi Guys and Gals, I got a Service Airbag alert where the odometer is. Brought it to my friend and he hooked it up, reads front right sensor in the bumper. Buddy is going to replace it this morning. Is this common? As usual, thanks in advance. 2005 GMC Sierra

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No, I don't have any pictures. I think the sensor is held on with one bolt and the wiring harness just clips right in. Also, disconnect the battery and wait 30 minutes so that you will not set off the air bag.

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I changed mine about a year and a half ago and the light came back on yesterday. Two sensors in two years - can't seem why I'm having so many electrical problems with the 800 model. My '95 ecsb was a painless experience. So far my '05 ccsb experienced:


- bad flasher

- ballast resistor and harness

- dash guage stepper motors (all but one!...)

- front impact sensor

- trailer harness connector

- burnt out bulbs in the manual hvac control



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