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1998 Silverado



I have a 1998 Silverado with 148k miles on the 5.7 liter V8. I have been getting a code P0171 and P0172 check engine light.I have replaced plugs and spark plug wires... although I wanted to use A/C Delco wires, I was talked into using Borg Warner plugs for half the price. I am suspisious of the wires as being the problem, but not sure. I have also replaced the IAT (internal air temperature) switch at the air filter housing. I cleaned the MAP sensor - not replacing at this point, but that also may be the problem. And replaced the fuel filter. The truck idles smoothly at first start up, but when the engine warms to operating temperature, the idle is rough. It sometimes even misses a bit when starting off from a stop. It seems to run fine other than the rough idle. The code P0171 and P0172 comes on and off frequently. Does anyone have any suggestion to fix this? Thanks

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